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Lady Gaga - Born This Way VIDEOOOOO!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


As much as I ♥ Gaga....I've got to admit her videos always manage to scare me.... a lot =P I'm always speechless after watching them and my mouth is usually hanging all the way down to the floor in shock!

So its safe to say that this new video released by her managed to have the same effect on me.....perhaps even more shocking that usual actually

I guess if you want to know why....then click play =)

It's really different from her previous videos...you can tell that Nick Knight definitely played a part in the making of this! (Thats all I can say at the moment...got to drag my mouth back up from the carpet =P)

Lemme know what you think of it....thats if you can manage to think up some words!! =]


Cutest cuticle oil ever!!!

posted by Sara ♥


I bought this little bottle of cuticle oil absolutely ages ago from Superdrug and its by the company Bloomers. I don't know if its still available or not because I haven't seen any of their stuff being sold in my Superdrug for quite some time now. They had the sweetest products ranging from lipglosses to nail polishes. From what I can remember, all of their things were transparent and had cute little dried flowers floating around inside. 

The cuticle oil was the only thing which I bought from them because I loved the smell and also was in need of it at the time!
Here's what it looks like:

It looks soo pretty and the little flowers are just too cute =P
The oil is scented of jasmine and there's a sticker on the lid of the bottle which tells us that....there were also many other scents available but this one was my fave

Here are some close-ups of the pretty colourful flowers:

This cuticle oil reminds me of the Nfu Oh one...as that one also has colourful flowers in it. I can't compare the two since I don't own the Nfu Oh one.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post =) I'd love to hear from you and what your favourite cuticle oil is


OMG it feels like its been forever!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey there my lovelies =)

It actually feels like FOREVER ago that I posted anything......even though its only been like four days! The reason for that is that I've been really really busy with completing an assignment for Uni. But anyway thats done now and I handed it in about 10 minutes ago and now can't stop smiling because the stress is over (lol slightly over as I have another assignment due very soon!)
Oh and if you guys are wondering what I study....well its a subject completely different to what you might expect me to be interested in.....Forensic Science =)
Haha its such a nerdy science subject lol but really interesting and brilliant at the same time =) Its my second passion....after nail polish lol =P

Alright....so I know you lot are waiting for me to show you something....so lets get straight to it :

CRACKLE POLISH!!!!! (If my bestie is reading this she's gonna freak =P)

I have to admit I absolutely hated crackle polish until I decided to just try it out for the sake of being a polish addict =P And you know what....I actually love it now! (To Sonia: Yes I did actually really wear this mani...and yes I do really now NOT believe that crackle polish looks like er...'dirt'!!!) =P

Onto the pictures shall we...

Lol my nails remind me of little easter eggs that have actually cracked!!! =P

The polishes that I used are: Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours (Thumb), 17 Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon (Index), Glitter Babes in Purple Shimmer (Middle), 17 Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip (Ring), Rimmel Lycra Pro in Pure Sin (Pinkie) and of course topped off with Barry M Nail Effects

Im sorry I don't have any pictures of my nails without any crackle over the top...I took the pictures the next morning after I finished the mani.

I hope you guys liked this =)


Duwop Twilight Lip Venom Blush

posted by Sara ♥


Hey people =) Today i'm going to show you the newer version of the Twilight Lip Venom in the Blush shade.

This is what Duwop say about this new product:

Continuing the successful partnership between DuWop, the creators of Lip Venom, and Stephenie Meyer’s acclaimed Twilight saga, Twilight Venom Blush brings a softer and sweeter look to the biting lipstain made popular last year. Twilight Venom Blush is a shimmering pink lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner containing argan, avocado and olive oils as well as vitamin E. 

Twilight Venom Blush should be shaken before use (to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds). Apply to lips until desired intensity of color is reached OR dip the brush in the top without shaking for conditioning and plumping alone OR dip the brush into the bottom of the vial directly into the undiluted stain for a more potent look.

This lip venom is lighter in colour than the first original version and I'm guessing was created after there were many extremely negative reviews about the original deep red version. (Yes I know Duwop say it was popular...but come on...they'r only telling us that loads were sold....not bought and hated by the people who tried it =P) I never purchased the original one as I always try to find out as much as I can about a product I'm not too sure about before I go ahead and buy it.
I read how the lip venom was too dark and a really nasty shade of red which was unflattering. The stain also apparently didn't last very long and went patchy when applied. Personally I don't like wearing very dark colours on my lips and so gave the original lip venom a miss. But after some research =P I found that there was another product called the Twilight Lip Venom Blush which was supposed to be better and give a pink tint to the lips. So quick as lightning I jumped onto ebay and bought myself this wonderful product =) 

This is what the outer packaging looks like. Its a cylinder tube made of cardboard with a detachable lid. (Thank god there's no soppy pictures of Edward/Bella on it!!) =P

Here is the tiny little bottle itself; and as you can see in the picture the venom is separated with a clear liquid at the top and deep pink glittery stain sunk at the bottom. (This is probably the only reason I actually wanted to buy this....because I love the idea of having to shake up the colour!!! =P)

And in this photo you can see what the lip venom looks like once all shaken up =) its actually quite cool because you would think that the pink colour would somewhat dim once mixed up with the clear liquid....but that doesn't happen and the pink is as vivid as ever =) 

The smell of this product is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! It smells of gorgeous cinnamony spice and sugary cupcakes...mmmmm.....

I haven't swatched it yet because the darn weather is horrid around here and every time I try to take a picture...whether it be a swipe of this down my arm or applied on my lips.....I can't get a decent shot of it =( And artificial lighting ruins the look of this altogether so whenever I get a good picture i'l be sure to post it =)

When I put this onto my lips I make sure that they have been exfoliated and are not chapped or cracked. The reason for this is because the lip venom contains actual cinnamon and this is what allows for the plumping, tingly sensation once applied. So if you do have dry, cracked lips and go ahead and slap this on....well lets just say it's a worse feeling than actually getting slapped =P
When applying it, it seems to go on clear and at first I didn't notice much of a stain effect....but..... once it dried I had the best pinkish lip colour ever!!! Unfortunately for me... the little sparkles inside the venom had completely disappeared and were not noticeable at all on my lips. So even though the product seems to be glittering...its actually a pretty matte stain once on your lips.

The stain lasted all day for me and I didn't have to reapply it at all throughout the day. I applied a clear gloss over the top because I like a glossy pout...but you could use lip balm or even leave it as it is =) I just hate the feeling of my lips dry without anything on them and once the stain is dries, my lips feel completely bare!

Overall I love this product and definitely recommend it as it's a beautiful pink lip stain that lasts. The plumping effect wasn't that noticeable for me....but I don't mind that since I don't really need a plumping gloss...so I wouldn't buy this if thats what your looking for. 

Thank you so much for reading =) Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this lip venom if you've tried it...and what you think of the original version too. Is it really as bad as  some say it is??

Lady Gaga's New Viva Glam Range for M.A.C

posted by Sara ♥


Lady Gaga has a softer more subtle side to her!!???  Well in the case of her lip products....thats exactly what her new Viva Glam  range for M.A.C is saying =P

This collection isn't going to be suited to everyones taste....like me! =P I love the way the colours look amazing on Gaga but I can't imagine them on myself. My skin tone is literally the same colour as the lip gloss/lipsticks so I would look really strange wearing them! Anyway...here's Gaga looking stunning wearing her lippy:

This is the lipglass is in shade Light Neutral Pinked Beige and is priced at £12.50:

The lipstick is in shade Light Warm Beige and is priced at £13.50:

I think that these colours would look amazing on someone with skin tones as light as Lady Gaga's. 
Also, money from the sale of each limited edition lipstick/lipglass will be donated to M.A.C Aids Fund...a superb charity close to Gaga's own heart =) 

Thats all I have for now.... don't forget to leave comments below and tell me what you think of this pretty collection?

Thank you LOVE4NAILS =D

posted by Sara ♥


This nail art design was inspired by the super amazing youtuber LOVE4NAILS. Seriously guys have you seen her videos?? They are sooooo cool! She is one talented nail artist =)

Here's the design that I did after watching one of her videos:

I absolutely love this design! Here are the polishes which I used:

I used Claire's mood polish in Loney/Loved for the base colour. Then swiped MEMEME Ocean blue along with MUA Shade 1. Then I used a silver glitter striper polish from ebay to make the lines going across the pattern. 

I think i'm going to have to do a review on the Claire's mood polish....this particular shade....because I was extremely disappointed with the results. It didn't give any colour change at all!! Like not a slight difference whether I put my nails under freezing cold water (to the point I felt my finger tips would fall off =P) or boiling hot water (lets not even go there!). This is the only mood polish I own at the moment and I was seriously unimpressed. =(
Thats why I used it as a base without worrying about covering it up in other colours!

The MUA nail polish is actually not black..its a super shimmery dark blue which looks much better in real life! 

Okay so if you want a tutorial on how to achieve this nail design....here's the link to the video by LOVE4NAILS I watched and learned from =) I would have used different colours to what she's used however my favourite nail polish colour is blue...so I simply couldn't bring myself to use anything else!!

Also...while your at it check out the lovely LOVE4NAILS youtube channel....its nothing less of beautiful =)

Hope you like this design =)

Miniature Lush Haul with product reviews!! =)

posted by Sara ♥


Some people reading this might think i'm crazy...but every time I walk into Lush I end up walking out without having bought a single item! I don't know why that is....nothing has really ever interested me!! 
But a couple of days ago I was on their website looking at their different products which looked sooooooo cool and I realised that I had never paid them any attention in the shop before. The reviews of each product I liked the sound of on their site were extremely good and it tempted me to go back into Lush a day later and pick up some stuff =)

So...this is my very very small Lush haul:

A solid shampoo called 'NEW!' And is described as a stimulating and reviving mint bar.

Here's a close-up:

Lol doesn't it look wierd!! On the site it says that this shampoo bar contains peppermint oil, nettle, clove and cinnamon. I initially wanted to buy this because it's supposed to be minty and I love anything that smells of mint =) However, at the shop I smelled this and didn't catch any hints of mint whatsoever so was kinda disappointed....but the smell of the amazing cinnamon eventually forced me to give this shampoo a go! The smell is rather spicy and sweet at the same time and although I quite liked it, my best friend who was shopping with me absolutely hated it! So I guess if you wanna buy this shampoo..smell it first to see if its your taste or not =)

The way you use this shampoo is really easy....simply lather it into wet hands and then smear your hair with the cinnamony goodness =P It cleaned my hair really well after only one use of it but left my hair with a super squeaky clean feel...which I didn't love too much lol but made my hair silky soft again with use of conditioner (not a Lush brand). 
After rinsing and drying my hair I could still smell the delicious shampoo in my hair which I loved and also I think my hair felt softer and smoother with the use of this shampoo. To make sure my shampoo lasts as long as Lush say it should... I keep it in an empty plastic container (a homous pot!!) 
Would I ever buy this item again?? Perhaps not this exact shampoo (but thats only because I get bored easily lol) but definitely another type of solid shampoo...like the Ultimate Shine or Karma Komba shampoo.  

The other item I bought was the Lush Colour Supplement in shade Dark Yellow:

This product is awesome!!! On the site it describes this as: 

Our dark yellow colour supplement is for sun-kissed olive skins or yellow complexions. It works brilliantly to even out skin tone and create a beautiful finish.

The colour supplements can be used on their own as a foundation or applied locally as a concealer. For a lighter finish, they can be used to create your own tinted moisturizer. Just combine a dab of colour supplement with your favourite moisturizer and blend together for your own specially created mix.

The colour is the most perfect match for my skin and I'v never come across a foundation that matches my skin so well. I usually use this as a tinted moisturiser by mixing in a tiny little amount of the supplement into my usual moisturiser and then blending into my skin. I'v never liked heavy cover that looks cakey or thick and this never looks that way on the skin. It's made with rose petal infusion and other natural ingredients so I can put it on without worrying about it causing damage to my skin. Because its so light I feel that it doesn't block my pores and it won't cause annoying breakouts. 

Here are some swatches of it on my hand:

I'm so sorry about the extremely bad photos...I know that in the 1st pic my hand looks really dark and in the second its suddenly pale..but thats because the sun decided to disappear as soon as wanted to take a pic of the blended in swatch =( Anyway...I hope you guys can tell that once blended in it looks really natural and not 'heavy'. 

Its staying power is excellent and I have never felt it 'slip' off my face or sink into creases etc. 
Would I ever buy this item again?? OH YEA!! =P lol I was in love with it as soon as it touched my skin and I think that it's amazing value too =) It's a multi tasking product...used as a concealer, foundation and tinted moisturiser...so rather than buying all those separately....i'd use  this wonder instead =)

Ok people.....that's it for the Lush haul...lol I told you it was a mini one =P  I'd love to know what you think of these products if you've ever tried them and also what are your fave products from Lush?? I would love to try them out for myself =)

Thanks for reading =)



posted by Sara ♥



This is pretty silly of me but i'm getting all angry because my memory card reader just BROKE! =(
Soooo annoying.
Just as i'm getting ready to post something new....the damn thing decides to die =S

lol oh wellll.......but that means I probably can't show you any mani's until I get a new card reader or my dad fix's this one ='(

So...until then i'm off to sob...=P lol hopefully I can blog again v. soon =)

Bye for now xX

Edgy Valentines Mani...inspired by none other than....GAGA!!! =)

posted by Sara ♥


I know exactly what your thinking.....how the hell is Lady Gaga an inspiration for a cute and fluffy Valentines Day manicure??!!!!

Well....er....she's not.

Not for a cute and fluffy mani anyway. =P

Lol but her absolutely gorgeous Poker Face video nails inspired me for an edgy, sophisticated and pretty simple nail art design that is perfect for anyone who doesn't dig the overly pink cutesy pie look =P
Here's Gaga rockin her nails:

And this is my version:

And to create this is used these polishes (17 Fast Finish in Knockout Red, Colour Club's Where's the Soiree and Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat) and heart/round shaped rhinestones from ebay:

Thanks for viewing =) Hope you liked ♥

I've been a bit of a busy bee.... =P

posted by Sara ♥


People who know me in person will know that apart from stylizing my nails I also LOVE creating and crafting things =)

So lately my brain went a bit mental and started forcing me to try out some decoden! I love working with gems and jewels so eventually after a lot of instructional Youtube videos and motivation from my mum (lol she's super amazing at all things artsy) I got round to creating my own Decoed out bling phone cover!! Woo! =P

Ok here's my phone as it used to look (its a baby pink LG Viewty):

And now here it is all blinged up =P

Lool pink overload or what!! =P Here's some close-up's on my fave parts (the cute lil airplane, chunky flower and pretty lil butterfly!!!) =)

I used a separate cover onto which I stuck on the goodies =) The covers were a bargain 99p for 2 on ebay!! Yes thats TWO covers for only 99 pence!!! =O =O =D lol! It was handy because if I messed up one (which thankfully I didn't) I could just easily have use the other cover and started over =)

The roses and gems and pearls were from ebay, the airplane was once a tiny brooch which I broke and filed down to make it smooth, the butterflies were stuck onto a bracelet that I also broke off, the large pink flower was a bead attached to a bracelet that.. yes... I yet again broke =P, the lipstick was a charm from Claire's accessories which..yup you've guessed it...I broke off the hook and filed it down. 

I think its actually pretty funny that i'm posting this just as Valentines is around the corner! Such a coincidence lol! I made the cover using all the things I love and it just happened to end up with a million hearts and roses over it!! =P

Here's another pic of it lol cos I ♥ it so much =)

Thanx for reading guys =) I'd love to hear from you and what you think about my er...art =P lol


Beauty By Brittany KATY PERRY AND BLACK SHATTER giveaway!!!!!!!

posted by Sara ♥

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OMG this is too cool!!! Beauty By Brittany is having a super giveaway in which you can win the whole OPI Katy Perry Collection plus the amazing Black Shatter!!! =D

Click here nowww to enter!!!!!!!!


Spooky Nails BIRTHDAY giveaway!!!!! =D

posted by Sara ♥

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Yippeee!!! More giveaways!! Spooky Nails is having a cool birthday giveaway!!

Check out what you could get:

And theres more stuff to grab too...so go on and check out her blog for more info:



Super Sweet Valentines Mani!!!

posted by Sara ♥

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So this is my version of a cute Valentines Mani =) I'v seen loads of hearts so I thought i'd be a bit different =P and not plaster my nails in hearts...but in something equally sweet... CHERRIES!!! =D

Lol well these are the polishes I decided to use: (Red Herring Baby Pink, Charisma Nail Polish in unknown and 17 Fast Finish Knockout Red)

And I decided to konad the cherries onto my nails with this fauxnad plate:

And here is the completed mani:

I ♥ it!!! Although if it wasn't Valentines coming up I would probably not use a pink base but a sheer white so the cherries stand out way more! =)
Oh and before I forget to mention...this mani was inspired by (ok literally copied from) Meliney from youtube. Thanks Meliney!! =) 
If you want to see her version of it and also see how to do this mani...click here:

I hope you liked this take on the Valentines theme =)

Tomorrow i'm gonna be showing you guys an edgier manicure (still going with the Valentines theme) which I would probably wear any time of the year cos I love my darkish edgy colours =D 

Lol so catch you guys then =)  ♥♥♥

Scandalously Polished is having a Valentines Giveaway!!! ♥♥♥

posted by Sara ♥

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Aaah....I ♥ giveaways =) lol and this time it's Scandalously Polished's turn to make me smile =)

She's having an uber cool Valentines giveaway!! YAY =D

Look at what you could get:

Doesn't it all look so amazing!! Like you just wanna reach out and grab hold of everything you see??!!! Well.....perhaps you'l be the luck one to actually do so! ;)

Click here to enter and read full details:


Aurora's Nails is having a tasty giveaway! =P

posted by Sara ♥

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Aurora is having a super fab giveaway with the prize being China Glaze's Anchors Away Collection!!!!!! =D

How sweet does that look??!! =P

To be in with a chance of winning this seriously beautiful set of polishes....simply click here:

Oh and peeps....make sure you check out this girls blog....it's so pretty =)


The Gorgeous Rachel Marie's Super Coolies Giveaway!!!!!! =D

posted by Sara ♥


Hey guys =)

The amazing blogger Rachel Marie from Rachel Marie's Nails is having a sweet 300 follower giveaway!! 

Here's what you could get your mitts on:

To enter this wicked giveaway and for full details click on the following link:

Oh and while your at it don't forget to check out her beautiful blog =)


Polka Dotts!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Polka Dotts are sooooooo cute!! =)

I made this mani using these nail polishes (Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours 330 and MEMEME Metallic Ultra Gloss 3 Pewter)

To make the polka dotts I used the number 19 BM plate

And here's the completeed mani:

Hope you liked this design =)

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