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Guest Post - Zarina from MARSHEE - Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection

posted by Sara ♥


*Hello lovelies! Right so today is the last day of guest blogging and also the last day of my holiday.... =( Lol well all good things must come to an end eh? Anyway, so today my space is kindly being filled by the super sweet Zarina from MARSHEE. Over to you Zarina!*


Hello sweets! First, I'd like to thank Sara for letting me guest post on her blog. Doing guest posts is really a good opoportunity to meet people that share the same passion as I am and to also show some of my country's local brand of polishes. (^__^) 

I am ZARINA, 24years old from the Philippines! A certified pet lover, Has passion for nail art and polishes. A book enthusiast. Bruno Mars'#1 fan and Loves blogging!!!

Ahead with my post. hehehe.

This past summer one of the popular local brand of polish CARONiA came out with a nice collection. The SWEET BLiSS Collection
Each bottle is really affordable at about 30pesos each(less than a dollar!) All 6 is 180pesos($4) Cheap right?? I did a very fast swatch of each polishes. Did all the swatches in an hour! So please bare with the photos. hehe. (^__^)

The collection consists of 6 shades.

SUN KiSSED: Two coats of this Orange/tangerine shade.
Application is easy. No top coat.

BABY PiNK: 3coats. A bit thick for me.
No top coat.

ON THE GO: Bluish green shade. 2coats.
Easy to apply. Not to thick. No top coat.

SWEET SURPRiSE: Light yellow shade. 2-3coats. 
The consistency is a bit thick for me.
A bit hard applying. No top coat.

FiRST CRUSH: Purple shade. Light texture.
2coats. Easy to apply. No top coat.

SUMMER FLiNG: Redish/pink shade. 2coats.
Application is easy. No top coat.

Out of the 6, my most favorite is SUMMER FLiNG. I like the color and the texture is not thick unlike Sweet Surprise which is thick and I had some trouble applying it. But in all, it is a very good collection. (^__^)

Oh and it is also good for stamping!!!
Great deal right? Too bad it's only available locally. 

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post.
Hope to hear from all of you sweeties! ♥
Love. Love. (^__^)


*Thanks so much Zarina =] Such an awesome collection of polishes, I'm in love with every colour! I really do hope you'l all go and visit Zarina's beautiful blog and take a look at the rest of her lovely nail art pics =] So since this is the last guest post for now, I should be ready to blog once again after all the madness of coming home from a holiday gets settled down lol! I hope to talk to you all very very soon =D Take care everyone Xxx*

Guest Post - Nana from nanakkii.blogspot.com - Smoked With Lilac

posted by Sara ♥


*Heyy!!! I hope you guys haven't missed me too much! Hehe well what with the awesome guest posts coming your way everyday, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you haven't! Today my page is being kidnapped by the super cool Nana of nanakkii.blogspot.com =] Lol enjoy peeps! Over to you Nana!*


Hey! Im Nana from http://nanakkii.blogspot.com and am filling in for the ever so sweet and talented Sara. I'm a makeup, fashion and art junky and thought id try and suck you into my world with this eye shadow look!

Trust me, its SIMPLE.

Products used:

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Beautiful Iris Eye shadow
MAC Green Smoke Eye shadow
MAC Humid Eye shadow
MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
Lóréal Paris Volume Million Lashes

I hope you enjoyed my post :-)



*Aw thanks so much for that Nana =] What a beautiful eye look, don't you all agree?? I adore the colour's used for this and I think i'l be trying out this look sometime soon! =] Make sure you all hop over to Nana's incredible blog right away and check out the rest of her cool artsy-fashion posts =] Tomorrow you shall all be delighted by the lovely Zarina from Marshee =]*

Guest Post - Sarah from Little Miss Sparkles - 25 Questions

posted by Sara ♥

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*Hey everyone! Yep i'm still away.... but not to worry, the lovely Sarah from Little Miss Sparkles has a great post for you guys today =] I'm sure you'r going to enjoy reading through this =] Right, over to you Sarah!*


Hello everyone :) My name is Sarah.... I will be filling in for the lovely Sara today, as she has kindly let me post on her blog :) which I'm very excited about as I've never done this before.
Ok so here we go...I will say my post isn't as good as seeing the wonderful designs Sara comes up with :/ but I will be doing something I hope your happy with :)

I thought I would do a tag, as I really enjoying reading/watching them and there a bit of fun to, so thought it might help you get to know me a little bit :) and then show you some nail polishes I was given recently.

Here we go...

1) DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?   No I don't but my parents have 2 dogs called Coral & Coast.
   My handbag, cusion, VS Enchanted apple :) 
   Mild, cloudy and not very nice as the suns not out :(
   I don't drive yet but I will!! I need to be more confident.
   I had work today so got up about 7.30am
   This morning, and I prefer baths :)
   Date night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey :)
   Just a message from a friends saying she's OK :) (I won't put what exactly)
   I think it's just a boring Nokia one, My phone is always on silent/vibrate 
    I've been to Florida 3x, New York 2x, Toronto, San Francisco, Canary Islands :)
    I've never tried it...how sad am I? sorry!
     Mainly Morrisons, but go to Co op, Tesco, M&S at times :)
    One Brother and One sister.
    Laptop for me!
    28...OMG! I feel sooo old now :(
    No not far a long time now.
    Have some dinner :p as it's almost that time of the day.
    I can't remember but probably watching something sad :'(
    Cheese, Tuna, sweetcorn.
    Cheeseburger for me please!
    Yeah, when I was out with friends along time ago now though!
    Yeah defo, I prefer Coke!

Ok so that's my 25 Questions, answered!
I hope you enjoyed the read! :)

Trio of nails :)
I was kindly given 3 nail polishes recently so I thought I would show you.

1st is OPI's I'm fondue of you
2nd is OPI's Cuckoo for this color
3rd is Orly's Fabfuschia

So pretty aren't they? 

Well there you go lovelies, I do hope you enjoyed my post and Thanks again to Sara for letting me do this :)
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Sarah (littlmisssparkles)



*Thank you so much Sarah! I enjoyed reading through all that =] Lol i'v never tasted sushi either, so your not the only sad one =P And wow what gorgeous polishes! Lucky you =] I hope all you lovelies reading visit Sarah's amazing blog soon =] Also don't miss tomorrows sweet post kindly written by the lovely Nana from nanakkii.blogspot.com

Guest Post - Carrie from Reflections, Sassy Nails, and Silly Diversions! - Mani's, Pedi's and Babies!

posted by Sara ♥


*Hello peeps! Another guest post for you all today, this time from the lovely Carrie over at Reflections, Sassy Nails, and Silly Diversions! She's written up a beautiful post for you all to enjoy, so over to you Carrie!*


Alright, so here it goes, My first guest post! I feel so nervous. I am glad I am not in public, because I would fail miserably! I am no good at public speaking let alone one on one speaking with a new person, I’d much rather type an email.
My name is Carrie, I am a mother to four brats, whoopsie, I mean great kids. I am married, I like to read-when I have the time, sew, and be lazy. Recently I found out I have a thing for nail polish. After my Cousin got me hooked on it by showing me the website My Simple little pleasures. Collette is awesome her Water Marbles are great! I then found Chloe’s Nails, all of Erika’s tape mani’s – awesome....and then I found all these other blogs....and it got deeper and deeper.
I think I have hit a plateau of sorts in the purchasing of colors. I have been buying tools though, like accent items, dotting tools, long skinny brushes, ect. I have been trying more and more art mani’s...some successful, some not so much. I think that this is my most favorite art mani  that I have done to date. Did I mention stamping, I’m still learning that though.....

Originally for this guest spot post I had wanted to do a monochromatic french tip design, like a friend of mine had suggested. It was a good idea, but I think the colors I used were not the right ones. I used China Glaze Cyberspace as a base, its from the tronica collection. I am not very fond of the formulas on these, because I think they dry too quick and then smear on the first coat unless your really really quick at applying. BUT they make awesome polishes, so shiny and holographic mightyness! It is a cross between gold and silver....like a grey/brown color almost. I then taped off the tips and used China Glaze Unplugged, a deep rich chocolate brown. So yummy looking. As an accent I used one of the new dotting tools I purchased online and polka dotted my ring finger. It looked good until this morning...then I decided I did not in fact like it. So I removed it.

So tonight I decided I better just stick to one pretty color and be done with it, but at the last minute I grabbed my pretty accent wheels....glad I did because it looks so cute! I used Orly Velvet Rope as my base, two coats. It went on good, Orly is a bit runny for my taste, but overall its nice. I then stuck a flower accent on each ring finger and topped it with two coats of Seche Vite. The Velvet Rope is a very deep eggplant/grape juice color....I guess. I am not very good at describing colors. It has sparkle in it, so very lovely. The pinkish/whiteish accent flower is like a metallic finish, changes in the light. A nice subtle girly touch.

And just because I am a funky person, and like to be creative and goofy on my toes.....

I did China Glaze Ruby Pumps with white/black/and orange for the face and paw prints. Its not very cute, it almost looks evil.....but I liked the paw prints, something I will do again on a lighter base color.
My 9 month old, Hunter, is learning how to pull up on things and stand now....so sad, he is my last and he is growing up way too fast. I will leave you with a picture of that.

Thanks so much to Sara and to you all who read this! I was really honored that I could guest post here! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you thought. Don’t forget to check out my blog as well!

<3, Carrie

*OMG isn't little Hunter just adorable??!!! Awww....! Well thank you so much Carrie for this stunning post, LOVED both your mani's and pedi too =] Make sure you guys visit Carrie's blog asap to see more of her incredible nail designs =] Okies peeps, do visit again tomorrow when the brilliant Sarah of Little Miss Sparkles will be sharing with us quite a few facts about herself... =]*

Guest Post - My Friend From Uni, Bissy - Fave Band BOTDF

posted by Sara ♥

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*Hey all! Yep my page is once more being taken over by a lovely someone! This time that someone is my very good friend Bissy who I met in Uni. Bissy isn't her real name lol... it's just a silly nickname i'v decided to give her =P She doesn't have a blog but does have a super-cool-crazy-awesome YouTube channel, so check it out! So you may remember that at the end of yesterday's post I mentioned that today's post is going to be nothing like what any of you might expect...?? Well I think i'm right about this! Hehe keep reading to find out what the heck i'm going on about =P Over to you Bissy!*


Errrmm... Hi boys and girls! XD I'm.. rockcherry2 o_o Errrr yeh thats my username on youtube so check it out HERE
First of all I want to thank Sara for actually considering and posting this on her blog and for being an amazing person and great nail artist.. so THANK YOU SARA! <3 :D 
In this so called 'guest post' I'm going to be talking about my favourite band which is..... 
Blood On The Dance Floor! (BOTDF) *_* 

*picture credit Google images*

The first time I heard one of their songs was in an anime music video (amv) on youtube and when those magical sound waves traveled into my ears I had to find out what song it was! I soon found out it was Candyland :) Sara won't let me put up the video for this.... because its too um... inappropriate lol, so instead here's a video for one of my fave songs by them.... My Gift and My  Curse:

I tried to find other songs by this band and found some pictures of them too! =O When I saw them I was like.. wow ._. their look is perfect I love it! Dark but colourful at the same time and not like Lady Gaga or other mainstream 'artists'. XP
The band consists of Dahvie Vanity (he has longer hair than Jayy) and Jayy von monroe. 
Their songs have a great beat to it especially 'Candyland' and their lyrics are.. well they are different and can be sexual but they have great meanings too! 

One of the greatest reasons why their fans love them so much is because they love their fans so much! I cannot begin to tell you how many things they have done for their fans... they actually talk to their fans while they are waiting for tickets to their concerts and they take pictures and hug them all.... They have made a special group for all the fans called the 'slash gash terror crew' (SGTC) and every single one of their fans is part of the family and respected, they are nice and down to earth people they will never make anyone feel bad.. their lyrics encourage their fans to stand up for what they beleive in and not to care what haters think.


Jayy and a fan :) *image credit Google images*

Dahvie and fans :) *image credit Google images*

They actually REPLY to their fans.. both of them have replyed to me personally more than once! That is why they are also called 'the fans band'! They have a facebook and twitter (and youtube) which they regularly update and use to communicate with their fans. They 'like' and comment on videos and posts which the fans have made for them and they never push their fans, unlike Justin Beiber :P They have prevented many teenagers from committing suicide by giving them advise and love and telling them to never give up! And the money they make is used to improve their music and concerts so the fans can enjoy it better! 

Another reason I love them is their awesome GAME MUSIC!! ^____^

Aaahhh the good old days when gaming was my life.. :')

Well there is probably a lot more I want to talk about... especially Jayy von monroe *_* but I think I should stop now XD
I'l be amazed if anyone does read this post up to here haha.. well if you did thank you! And to finish off.. some lyrics from the amazing, one and only, BOTDF ^^ :
Options set to difficult 
Love a challenge Typical 
Raging through my enemies 
Kicking a** so happily 
Supernova bend you over to the lava 
Game Over!

XD Bye ;P


*Ohkay.... I hope you'r all not too freaked out! =P Haha! I have to say though, I'm not into this band... they'r just wayy too creepy for me lol =P I think i'l just stick to my Gaga =] Anyway THANK YOU Bissy for this cool-but-seriously-kinda-random-freaky-awesome post =] Lol! Alright we'r going to get uhm... back to normal lol tomorrow when the awesome Carrie from Reflections, Sassy Nails and Silly Diversions takes over to show you all some of her brilliant nail art designs =]*

Guest Post - Beauty Shades - Nail Design Leaves and Eye Makeup Look Sleek Bad Girl

posted by Sara ♥


*Hey hey again! Today the awesome Beauty Shades is taking over my page to show you lot her wonderful nail art and pretty eye makeup =] Over to you sweetie!*


Hello Lovelies!

I am Beautyshades and today I am posting for the first time as a guest on this beautiful blog from Sara. I‘d like to thank Sara for having me as one of her “Guest Bloggers” J

I had to think about something pretty to post for Sara's followers. Since I love doing nail art and eyes makeup. I decided to do both, one nail art and one eyes makeup. Both of them are very simple to do as sometimes we do not have time to do complicated makeup or nail art J. Starting with the nail art I did a stamping nail art. I think this is a cute design for the summer with the green leaves and the peachy pastel base colour.

Products I used:

Revlon Peach Smoothie nail polish

Konad Green nail art stamping polish (Sorry forgot to take picture)

Bundle monster stamping plate (BM 19)

Gosh magic Star nail polish (used as top coat)

Now for the eyes I did a dramatic eyes look, nice for a night out.

Eyes makeup products used:

Elf mineral eyeshadow base

(Lid) Rimmel colour mousse eye shadow snow queen

(Lid) Sleek bad girl palette (blade)

(Crease) Sleek bad girl palette (obnoxious)

(Highlight) Sleek bad girl palette (innocence)

*On the sleek bad girl palette picture. The eye shadow's that have a star are the ones I used for the tutorial.
I hope you all enjoyed my post J
*Thank you so much Beauty Shades! I certainly did enjoy that and i'm pretty sure all you lovelies did too? =] What a pretty nail design, you'v motivated me to use that image from my BM set too now! And I'm def going to try out that eye look soon =] So peeps, what did you think of that? Oh and don't forget to visit Beauty Shades blog!!! Also make sure you don't miss tomorrows post, super kindly written by my close friend from Uni, which is going to be very very different to what any of you might be expecting... that's all i'm going to say for now... =P*

Guest Post - Eileen from The Sneakerette - Sophisticated Chic

posted by Sara ♥


*Hey everyone! So from today, for a week, my blog is going to be taken over by a bunch of awesome girls who are super kindly filling in for me by doing guest posts while I'm away on holiday =] Right now I should be sitting in my caravan enjoying the pretty countryside scenery zoom past me =] So today's post was very kindly written by the amazingly talented Eileen from The Sneakerette. Over to you then! =]*


Essence Irreplaceable 

I like my polishes how I like my sneakers -- boldfunky, and fresh. I tend to stray from all nude shades in general because I get bored easily, and nude is not the most exciting shade, in my opinion. I'll admit that I like them on others, but they're not the kind of shade I would go for.
That being said, here's a nude polish that I snatched up without hesitation: Essence Irreplaceable. The color itself is okay, but what drew me into this polish were the pale yellow shimmers that make it your not-so-average nude. For a unique, 0.99 cent polish with great consistency, Irreplaceable is a nude definitely worth checking out.


*Thanks so much for that Eileen! I also usually don't like nude polishes and don't own a single one, but this one does look beautiful!  Must try to get my hands on it asap =P Btw, all you guys NEED to check out Eileen's blog, her photography is incredible!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest post, written up by the lovely Beauty Shades!*

EPIC layering using my new Ozotic Pros!!!! =D (part 2)

posted by Sara ♥


*This is a scheduled post since right now I am most likely going mad running around the house like a headless chicken trying to pack up last minute things.... and then realising i'v forgotten my toothbrush and not being able to find it anywhere..... and then suddenly realising that it's actually already packed.... but then realising i'v forgotten something super super important and I seriously can't find that anywhere.... =P*

Time to show you guys the last part of this epic-ness =P Warning, there's a heck load of pictures coming your way!!!

Are you ready?! 

Right so the final layer which I added to yesterday's nails is Ozotic Pro 528 (Elytra) =]

How freaking stunning right???!!! 

I ♥ the way the colour shifts in this polish! It turns into literally any colour.... seriously, you name it, it turns into it! =P

I just adore this glitter sooo much.... =] Its not that packed in the bottle like how I expected though, and this is two coats layered on. 

Click on the photos above.... that glitter is calling upon you! =P

See how in this close-up there's green in the middle and purple on either side? Well that's how the polish looks most of the time if you manage to keep your hands still for long enough! Its a teal/green on the center of the nails and on the curved edges on the sides of the nails its a deep yummy plum colour =]

Now here's a Gif I made just to show the incredible colour changing quality this polish has =]

making a gif

AWESOME OR WHAT??!!!! =P Lol seriously I'm loving this mani so much =] 

Alright so that's all your going to see from me for a while now (that's another reason for the masses upon masses of photos! =P).... i'm off on holiday from tomorrow morning and my page will be taken over by a load of super hip girls who are going to keep you entertained while i'm away =]
Tomorrow's guest blogger will be the absolutely lovely Eileen from The Sneakerette, so make sure you don't miss her post!!!

Take care everyone and enjoy your week! Oh and don't forget to share your thoughts with me on this epic mani!!! =D


EPIC layering using my new Ozotic Pros!!!! =D (part 1)

posted by Sara ♥


I actually can't wait to show you all the pictures... so I think i'l get right to it! =P (btw, if you don't like LOADS of pictures then I suggest clicking off this page right now! =P) Hehe enjoy! =]

So, this layering frenzy started off with one coat of MUA's absolutely gorgeous shade 1:

Next I topped it off with one coat of the freakishly stunning Ozotic Pro 505:

*squealing like a mad 3 year old* Okay okay I need to breathe!!! Lol =P
My biggest worry about this polish was that it wouldn't be all duo-chrome-ey on my nails.... but that fears been chucked out of the window. =P

Here's a gif I made to show the awesome colour change effect this polish has (btw its a million gazzillion times better in real life!)

making gif

The colour goes from a deep gold, to red, to plum, to violet, to teal, to blue, to green to.... aagh its just wayy too cool! lol =P

Btw, the layering doesn't stop here! Butttt I think Blogger may murder me if I add any more pictures, so that's why the title says part 1!

Part 2, showing the finished mani and final layer, will be shown tomorrow =]

Do come back and visit me then to see the end result =] 

Before I go I thought I'd add that yesterday the lovely Sarah of Samarium's Swatches asked me where I bought my Ozotic Pro's from. Well, the only place I know of that sells these (and of course where I got mine from) is Picture Polish. They ship internationally and OMG their customer service is absolutely brilliant!!! Seriously they personally email you and they'r so sweet =] I had an entire conversation with them about nail blogs lol! 

It made the entire shopping experience so much better =] I mean the amount I paid for these polishes (the most I'v ever paid in my entire life for two bottles lol) you'd expect that right?! =]

Okies then, i'm off! Hope to talk to you lovelies tomorrow =]


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